Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A New Arrival

The strangest thing happened this afternoon...

It was a regular day in the doll room. Sara and Emily were playing dolls,

Felicity was looking at a photo album,

Josefina was playing with her goat, Sombrita,

And Kirsten was looking for something that was currently unkown.

"Ugh!" She exclaimed. "I can't find it anywhere! Has anyone seen my Christmas outfit?"

"Oh, um..." Sara looked down at her own outfit.

"Never mind. Found it." Kirsten sighed.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.
"Come in!" Sara yelled to the mysterious guest.

"Boy, it sure is a lot hotter here than it is in Michigan!" An unfamiliar girl came into the doll room.

"Hi, guys. I'm Jessa."

Sara promptly fainted and fell off of the top bunk.

When she came to, she was a little foggy.
"I had the strangest dream," She commented, "that my old best friend Jessa came to see us."

"Um, it's actually true, Sara." Jessa said gently. "And I'm here to stay. Forever." Sara immediately tackled her in a giant, bonecrushing hug.

After being pulled up, Jessa laid a hand on Sara's shoulder. "I'll tell you all about what happened, but can I put on some cooler clothes on first? I could probably roast a potato in this sweater!"

After putting on a cooler outfit, and the other girls clearing out to give some privacy, Jessa explained what happened from the time that they were separated.

"Back when we were 6 and at the orphanage, you were put into a foster home and I was left behind. I was adopted by a couple who were a little older, and couldn't have children of their own. I really loved them," Jessa explained with a tear in her eye. "They died in a car accident last winter. They slipped on a patch of ice and slid into a river." Sara frowned in sympathy for her friend. "I've been searching for you ever since, and Lena was contacted by the adoption agency that I needed a home. I'm supposed to be your Christmas present."

Sara gave her a big hug. "Having my best friend with me forever is the best Christmas present ever."

So, I guess Jessa is here to stay!


  1. That's awesome!! Welcome Jessa :3 I love seeing you guys, and I haven't seen you a lot lately!!

    1. That's so encouraging Jeneca, thank you. :) I haven't really known what to do with my dolls for a while but Jessa's arrival and your encouragement is now helping me throught that funk!