Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Clothes

My mom is a seamstress by profession, so she makes a lot of my clothes. She just made two new shirts for me. Come on, I'll show you!

 These are the two shirts she made me. I'm sort of her "lab rat", to test the patterns she likes and the ones she doesn't.

 This one is bright yellow with multicolored squares on it. It will go really well with my bright blue sweatshirt and sneakers.  I really like this fabric because it reminds me of the beach I'll be visiting for spring break in Florida!

This one is a lovely navy blue paisley print on a light blue background. It reminds me of colonial times, like Felicity might have a dress in this pattern!

I love getting new clothes! These new tops will be perfect to bring to Florida for spring break.

I can almost hear those sea breezes now... I can't wait to go to Florida!

What do you think of my new shirts?

Love, Emily


  1. Pretty shirts! You're lucky - my mom can't sew anything. Where did your mom learn how to sew? :)

    Leanna's doll

  2. When my mom was little she taught herself and her mom taught her some things. I'm also learning to sew a little bit!